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Get Artificial Grass To Your Home

We give a professional touch on your lawn with the most fitting infill for your landscape.

Installing artificial grass requires an infill of sand or rubber or combining the two of them. Infill acts as a stabilizer for the fibers of the turf. They maintain them in an upright position and prevent matting.

If your lawn is used for child play or adult recreation rubber is the convenient infill. This is because it is softer. Sand infill, on the other hand, is suitable for sloped landscapes and is more common due to availability and affordability. We lay artificial grass perfectly in your landscape to suit all applications.

We lay the grass correctly to make it easy to clean by hosing off. We situate the drainage holes well for easy drainage in all types of landscapes. Blowing away or raking leaves is easily done if the turf is installed perfectly.

Hiring a landscaper is similar to hiring any other type of contractor and through the work performed we do a perfect job. We can advise you on the best plans to fit your budget.


  1. Nylon artificial grass

This is the strongest type. It does well in high temperatures and can withstand heavy weight without losing shape or getting matted. It is however expensive and the pile is stiff. Mostly it is used as a secondary option to other artificial grass types to help give them more stability.

  1. Polypropylene artificial grass

This artificial grass is less expensive, has a fine texture and looks good for a home lawn. However, it is least durable and may not withstand people playing or walking on it. Doesn’t do well in high temperatures too and can lose its shape.
Polypropylene is, however, the best option for an indoor artificial turf or indoor decoration of your home.

  1. Polyethylene artificial grass

Polyethylene type is the most common for its natural feel. It is also liked for its many textures and bright green colors. Mostly used to landscape sports fields.
When complimented with the nylon as secondary it can hold u to a lot of human activity while still maintaining the original shape.


-Artificial grass maintains a green lush on the lawn.

-No irrigation or chemicals need to maintain.

-Saves time on lawn mowing and money spent on grass management equipment.

-No dirt patches on your lawn.

-Artificial grass is easy to clean.

-It is perfect for pets. They do not get dirt on their claws.

-Artificial grass remains healthy and vibrant throughout the year.

-Durability- Artificial grass, unlike natural grass, doesn’t wear off easily. It is tougher and can withstand more than the natural grass.